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About Us

YoungGates offers cutting-edge online technology education to kids between the ages of 8 and 18. The curriculum focusses on learning by doing, inquiry based learning and assisted practice, for maximum knowledge stickiness.

YoungGates provides computer science classes online for kids and teens between the ages 8 and 18. It provides various programs based on the kids level of exposure to computer science beginning from Scratch - Python - Website Exposure - Android Apps - Data Science - Robotics making learning purposeful,meaningful and interesting.The program is hands on and self paced.

Children are encouraged to build strong understanding of concepts and then come up with their unique innovative solutions.These programs not only teach coding but also fosters creativity , reasoning and problem solving.

YoungGates  provides personalized / small batch learning for children across the nation. Due to their unique teaching quality , children can learn wherever they are - be it home , after school care , vacation etc. Kids look forward to their next class and are seen getting innovative and creative. 

* Small class size with 4:1 student teacher ratio.

* 1 Hour classes to give children adequate hands-on-learning time.

* Focus on fundamentals that helps children learn any programming language.

* Teach skills that are widely used across many industries. So that children can continue to use them even after class is over.

* Mission driven teachers who have stellar academic background, experience.

* Combine skills learnt in multiple programs to create interesting self-designed projects .

* YoungGates Scratch Programming (Recommended age: 8 and above)

* YoungGates Python Programming ((Recommended age: 10+)

* YoungGates Java Programming (Recommended age : 12+)

* YoungGates Website World (Recommended age: 10+)

* YoungGates Android App Building(Recommended age: 10+)

* Attend a FREE 1 hour class Online.